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                                  Section 3  featured business: sparkman's Magic


 The first thought of any one who has attended a corporate speaking engagement, is BORING and LONG WINDED. Most of the time attendees are anticipating the first break rather than concentrating on the topic that they were there to learn about. Sparkman's Magic took the concept of delivering the intended topic and give it a creative twist., but more important-results. By making the meeting entertaining and fun, many attendees were receptive. They were far more relaxed and more open to what the speaker was intending to get across. When I interviewed the owner of Sparkman's Magic, I had asked several questions regarding his start, challenges, why he stood out above the rest and advice he would give to a young inspiring person who would want to follow his footsteps in the industry. He had stated that magic became a hobby in his 20's and that he left a business and went back to school to finish his Engineering Degree. During this period, he began performing and became so busy that his wife encouraged him to do it full time. It was smooth sailing early, as he puts it, until the challenge, as a result of 911, had set back corporate entertainers for years. Just when things were getting back to normal to where they were, the economy happened. Everyone, at every level of the entertainment business had been affected to one degree or another.


  What makes his particular business stand out, -balance. He is a very funny Magic Entertainer. He has a "sleight-of-hand" skills of a serious performer. Complimenting his performance skills, he possesses a history of real world business. He "melds" this knowledge, skill, and entertainment when speaking at conferences or representing companies at trade shows. Most magicians are only good at one of those three things, speaking or entertaining, or "sleight-of-hand" skill. To sum up what Sparkman's Magic is all about, he is a professional magician who focuses on the business world. He performs a hilarious after dinner show, speaks on creativity. Emcee award banquets, develops magic for business messages, and performs "close up" magic at people-mobile events, such as cocktail parties. All of his assistants come from the audience and he does his magic with every day objects, not magic shop props. He has performed across the country at every time of day or night. For those who wish to follow this type of profession, he states that he was at a business lecture recently by a corporate performer who has been a pro since the early 70's. He recommends, is to do the same thing he did in this economy. Be a part time pro. Get your college education, which should include courses in business, marketing, theater and public speaking. Then, get a real job and perform magic on the side. Do not perform full time unless you are making enough on the side that you can do without the full time job. to find out more about Sparkman's Magic, check out our advertising section and let Sparkman's Magic out the "spark" back into your upcoming conference