Grackle Gazette

For Your Well Being-                    Section 2

Now days, most of us are walking time bombs, whether it's a mental melt down or an impending physical problem waiting to rear it's ugly head. Some ailments can be contributed by hereditary, but most often disease are a result of life styles and mind sets. The word disease, if you break it down it is DIS- EASE, that in itself says a lot. What in your life is causing DIS-EASE? On the physical front, diet, exercise, proper rest, and regular check ups as well as not smoking, non abuse of alcohol or drugs can increase you life expectancy. But what about the stress factor, what about the internal unresolved issues. The stress factor is, unfortunately, part of our daily lives. We have become a culture of instant gratification, and although it may be a convenience, it has also become a trap. We have lost the virtue of patience and generally when we are inpatient, we also become stressed.  Our personal economy has been a contributor to stress. We're urged to buy more than we can afford, and reap the consequences later when the bills come around to be paid. Again, it falls under the instant gratification.  We are in a hurry to buy that must have product, rather than just to wait it out and save for it. Now we are in stress mode again because reality and interest charges came back to bite us. Then there are unresolved issues that each one of us carries.Inability to forgive, the resistance   to let go of things we have no control over, resentment, anger, even down to hatred. It is no wonder we have disease or DIS-EASE. The good news is, we can "treat" our DIS-EASE, we are not a victim to it. The first thing is, to tend to our physical selves so that we can handle the battle of stress. We are all aware what makes our bodies perform better, that is a no brainer ,It is the second part of the equation that is bit more challenging, and like our physical, we need to employ good habits and have the discipline to stick with it, and realize that all good habits takes work.  In the upcoming articles, will be some tips and ideas to help wage the war against DIS-EASE  and help create a better quality of life by reducing stress, and resolving issues that plague our recovery and take years off of our lives.