Grackle Gazette

Headsquawker's Comments        Section 2

Thirteen days ago, the Grackle turned seven years old.. For some businesses, that isn't very old nor impressive. Considering the fact that the Grackle is just small potatoes in comparison to most,  the one thing that stood out, was the fact that there is no "professional journalist" behind the scenes, there is not constant reminder of what you see every day in the news that keeps bombarding you with the same stories.  It's an every day person just like you who lives an every day life, who face the same challenges, who's mission is to do articles that can educate and uplift. The Grackle was inspired by watching the news, seeing more stories that are centered around the worst cases or highlighting stars, or high profile people. That may be all good, but when you really think about it, there are very few stories or articles that relate to the every day person. How many times do you honestly see highlights of the typical person who has to go to the same job, face family crisis or is struggling just to get by each month to stay current. How many articles or stories give prompts to the true backbone of society, unless of course they are a victim of crime or commit a crime. How many small mom and pop businesses go unnoticed because they don't have the budget to continually advertise or aren't one of the rare few that might get fifteen seconds of fame. That is what the Grackle is all about.  To do what the big boys don't.

 It was said best in the homepage. For any critic, the paper will make you cringe, the writing isn't professional grade nor  the use of the English language, perfect. But you know what, in all of it's imperfections, it's real. It's simplistic. People can relate and it's easy reading. As the Grackle starts off into it's eighth year, it's goal is to expand, to encourage more people to tell their story, to make changes along the way to improve the paper, to keep advertising for the small business at no cost as long as possible, and more important, to keep in mind always, that it is because of you, the Grackle exists. With that being said, the Grackle would like to thank you all for being a part of our family for seven years,  and to thank all the businesses that have participated in our advertisement. and featured business of the month. The Grackle would also like to welcome Sparkman's Magic, Tony T Media Productions and Beanie's Coin Laundry  to our family and wish them all much success in their endeavors. A special thanks goes out to Encore Consignment Shop- Charl, you have been an angel, a rock and more than just a friend,you've became family.  Beanie's Coin Laundry-Cindy, John,Annie, Cheryl, and Pam- there are no words to express the gratitude that is felt, you are guys are the greatest, and I'm proud to call you family and I love you all.  Carolyn Marie Designs, Jody from Safe Harbor Security, DD, for all of the hard work you have been doing Elaine,Janet, my sisters for life and many more that I couldn't list, but you know who you are-thank you!