Grackle Gazette

Of Days Gone By                         Section 2

Even as we age, it it still important to maintain a positive attitude.  Despite our physical and life change, life can be lived fully and passionately. Being honest with ourselves and live honestly. Quit making excuses and deal with our hearts and minds. Admit to our own problems, which begin in the inside. When we're able to admit what is in our heart and minds, we will have a positive attitude. Make things right. If there are problems among people, it's time to let go, be forgiving. resentment, bitterness and other negative attitudes will poison our mind and hearts and this will affect attitude and personality. Some people over the years, can harbor a bad attitude as a way of life. They may even enjoy their bad attitude because they get attention and sympathy. There's nothing wrong in sharing burdens with friends or family as long as the motives are for the right reason and not just for attention.  A positive attitude comes not with freedom from problems and difficulties but with freedom despite them. At times we may feel that our bodies, in a frail condition, is like a prison, but we still can be happy. Some studies even suggest by keeping a positive attitude, it can be a healer and keep disease at bay. Making laughter a part of your day, will promote better well being as well as an active social life. No matter the age, we can be joyous, we can be infectious to those around us,and an example for our youth,that aging is not something fear, but to be to enjoyed.  ATTENTION SENIORS! WE WOULD LIKE TO HEAR YOUR STORY! you can email the Grackle at: with your story or words of advice.