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Pets Are Kids Too                     Section2

As our little ones age, they too, are open to age related or chronic issues, such as arthritis or even allergies. There are several ways that you can help them stay well as possibles or aid in their treatment. Similar to us, it is critical to help keep their weight in check. An overweight animal suffers more from arthritis pain and the disease will accelerate over time. Keeping them on a routine of gentle exercise is helpful. For dogs, swimming is ideal. Digestive and probiotics will help aid their digestion and help assimulate  the nutrients from their food. Poor digestion will only contribute to chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, allergies and other degenerative conditions. Fatty Acids (Fish Oil) will help reduce inflammation and is helpful in treating joint problems, also beneficial in aiding the gastrointestinal health as well as aid in treating allergies.Be vigilant

  when it comes to ingredients in their food. Diet is a key factor in treating chronic conditions and is a foundation for good health. Many pets show marked improvement on raw food or prepared dish, but if you are not comfortable in serving raw foods, a combination of home prepared, cooked meals with high quality of canned or dehydrated is the next best alternative. Be sure to check for allergies and as always it's best to check with your vet before initiating any treatment program. he or she can recommend  the best food for your pet based on their particular needs. we all know that maintaining proper weight, a good nutritious balanced diet, digestive aids and exercise is the same rule of thumb that applies to them as it would for us, to ensure health, well being and a long,happy life.